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Wild Beauty - MEVISTO GmbH
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Wild Beauty

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The "Wild Beauty" cut is always personal. Just as the crystal is personalized, so too is the shape of the Wild Beauty. The facets are merely polished. This freestyle form really brings the personality of the stone to the fore. The larger the personalized gemstone, the more exciting the interplays of color.
A Mevisto funeral* is available free of charge upon request.

The sizes of the gemstones may vary slightly.

Procedure for ordering gemstones:

  1. Collect 10 g of hair or 50 g of ashes
  2. Select the preferred product and place the order
  3. Within 24 hours after ordering, our customer service team will contact you
    to discuss the exact details
  4. You will receive a shipping can and further instructions from us.
  5. Send the material by registered mail to the following address:

    MEVISTO Shipping Center
    555 W 38 TH street 
    Houston Texas 77018 

*(Mevisto funeral = anonymous burial, the ashes are scattered at the Mevisto grave in Austria.)

Here is the link to the procedure in detail